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What my customers say

Roos Dekker, 
CEO & Founder
De Wervingsfabriek

"Marjolein helped our company roll out and implement a sales strategy. Through this interim solution we now have a stable sales funnel. Marjolein is hands on and does what she promises."

Teun Dielesen
General Manager at the time
Mind Mystery

"I got to know Marjolein as a professional and skilled go-getter. She really puts her teeth into it and ensures that it becomes a success."

Karel Vos
CEO at the time

"Marjolein is a skilled, honest and straight forward professional. Keywords: very reliable, flexible with extensive deep knowledge of travel tech and travel suppliers."

What my former colleagues say

Bernard Kochen, 
VP Sales at the time

"Thanks to her motivation, eagerness, persistence and relationships skills, she is able to maintain and develop strategic partnerships while reaching targets and achieving great results

And besides the above mentioned, she is nice, fun and easy to work with and a true asset for the company."

Dennis Klompalberts
Founder & CEO
Desty Travel

"Being a start up, her agility, flexibility, hands on mentality and great commercial skills were key for our Desty's business performances. She played a crucial role in designing and executing our commercial strategy.

Marjolein is known for her honest straight forward feedback and she quickly recognises business opportunities. I enjoyed her sense of humor and admire her persistence in Sales cycles."

Adriaan van der Hek, 
COO at the time

"Marjolein is a highly skilled sales professional. What truly sets her apart is her infectious enthusiasm and positivity.  In even the most demanding situations, she maintains a cheerful and can-do attitude, lifting the spirits of colleagues and clients alike.

I highly recommend Marjolein to any organization seeking a dynamic, hard-working, and results-oriented sales professional.

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