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About myself

Seasoned professional, with twenty years+ experience in sales & account management across different industries, including product sales, Software as a Service (SAAS), solutions-based strategies and cost-saving initiatives. With a background in both national and international organisations within the travel industry, hotel industry, tech, leisure & hospitality sector, I bring a wealth of experience. Former employers include American Express, BCD Travel, Hilton Hotels, Emesa (including and Convious.


Throughout my career, I have not only distinguished myself in selling products, services and solutions, I have also developed and honed the skills necessary to maintain strong customer relationships. My extensive knowledge, including that of the travel, hospitality and leisure industry, enables me to recognise the unique needs of my clients and creating a deeper understanding of their objectives. This enables me to assist my clients in achieving their commercial objectives. 


I am known for my advisory and decisive approach and am proud that working with me is experienced as working with a reliable business partner. Clients often praise my ability to connect on different levels, and recognise the value I bring to our professional collaborations. As a dedicated professional, I am determined to use my extensive experience to make a positive contribution to the success of my clients and the industries in which I operate.


Oh, and let's not forget that I also bring a healthy dose of humor! And flowers 💐. For at the finish 🏁

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