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I assist organisations with various commercial challenges. My background is in Hospitality, Leisure, Software, Online ticketing, OTAs and Business Travel.

Below is a selection of my areas of expertise. 

Sales / New Business

Identifying potential customers (prospects) through research, networking and marketing initiatives. I like to use different channels such as social media, events and industry meetings to generate and follow up on leads.


Happy Hunter! 

Used to working with objectives in terms of revenue for new business.


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Account management /
Customer Success Management

I understand the importance of building long-term relationships.


It is not only about the initial sale, but also about creating a lasting relationship where the customer is satisfied and the relationship intensifies.

Dedicated Farmer!


Used to working with upsell and cross sell objectives. 

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CRM implementation

I like to optimise customer-oriented processes. Based on a needs analysis, I provide advice on CRM software that suits the business goals. An important aspect of CRM implementation is ensuring that employees can use the new software effectively. 

Effective Administrator!

A properly used CRM system is invaluable in improving customer relationships and business results.

Business Consulting

I support organizations in identifying, understanding and addressing various commercial challenges in order to improve overall performance in that area.

Trusted Advisor!

I advise and guide organizations to improve their performance, increase efficiency and achieve strategic goals.

Training & Coaching

I am committed to developing and refining the skills and knowledge of sales teams, enabling them to perform better and contribute to the success of the organization.

Caring Sharer!

I mainly focus on improving sales performance and promoting effective communication with potential customers.

In my opinion, LinkedIn and trade fair training should not be optional.

Mystery Visits

I evaluate various aspects of the service,  with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and maintaining service/quality standards.


I like to visit service-oriented companies where I assess the customer experience on various aspects, evaluate it and provide advice for optimization.  

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